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Telrite Communications, a telephone, voice mail, computer networking, programming and installation company, existing for over two decades, has a proven track record of high-quality products and excellent, reliable service.

Not only does Telrite Communications provide outstanding products of only the finest brands and makes, we know that the true success of our company is due to the philosophy of offering QUALITY SERVICE at an AFFORDABLE PRICE.  Our business depends on it!

Order your telephone system or computer networking installation with complete confidence that with Telrite Communications behind you, you will be free to take care of your own business, and not worry about ours.

Telrite Communications is proud to be a distributer of ESI Products for over 16 years!

ESI designs and manufactures innovative business telephone systems for workplaces like yours.
These exceptional systems — providing digital and IP communications — are easy to use, yet packed
with advanced capabilities to enhance your competitive edge, and come in a wide range to fit any budget.

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